Foreign Exchange Risk Management

A foreign exchange risk management service that delivers bespoke credit facilities to support hedging as well as liquidity and payments via tier 1 UK banks.

Foreign Exchange Risk Management

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Lumon and Opus have partnered having identified situations where currency risk may impact the transactions that Opus carries out, both in its business advisory and restructuring & insolvency divisions.  Working with Lumon, Opus can achieve the best value for clients and with appointments as Office Holders which is of paramount importance. Through this partnership, Opus can effectively manage foreign exchange risk exposure.

Currency risk management at Opus

Opus gains greater control of future foreign currency denominated costs and therefore assists in the future profitability of that business. Typical scenarios include:

  • When businesses are required to place cash as collateral for the FX hedges, they used to manage their currency exposures and there may be ways to release this cash for use elsewhere.
  • When Office Holders need a transactional service where FX conversion on an asset or a payment is required.

By partnering with Lumon, Opus has:

  • Access to risk management and payment support which is supported by a deep understanding of our specific business needs
  • The ability to identify FX risk within the business and understand key metrics in order to formulate and implement an appropriate hedging strategy, creating a better understanding of ongoing costs and revenues, all of which delivers significant benefits to cashflow and funding
  • Access to an efficient settlement and payment processes
  • Assurance of ongoing management and monitoring of FX exposures and associated hedge portfolio to ensure continued alignment with priorities and policy


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