Project Avalon: Acquisition Opportunity

Innovative cloud based business software solutions and application services with a strong maintenance revenue stream.

ACQUISITION OPPORTUNITY: Industrial cloud software

Innovative cloud based business software solutions and application services

March 2023 Projected revenue: $10.1m – March 2023 Projected EBIT: $2.78m

An opportunity to acquire a long established software supplier with a strong maintenance revenue stream. The business is currently transforming into a SaaS provider targeting the manufacturing sector with special emphasis on the apparel manufacturing vertical.

Project Avalon Overview

  • The business has developed a completely new set of products and transformed it’s business model to generate future growth in the new frontiers of the IOT and cloud computing.
  • The development team is based in a low cost location.
  • The culture of working with different principals has given the company and its staff exposure to many different working methodologies.
  • The experience of working with ERP systems and manufacturing companies has provided insight into product gaps to extend the IT footprint beyond traditional systems of record.
  • Works with a plethora of high profile AsiaPac customers.

Transport Application – Developed for markets where it is common for employers to provide transport to their staff. A key benefit is that factories have advance notification of workers who will be present at least 30 minutes prior to their arrival giving ample time for daily task planning.

Manufacturing Tracking Application – A complete system to track all processes on the apparel factory floor from issuing of fabric, sewing, quality control and shipping.

Storage Application – Freight forwarders are becoming a key part of the delivery chain where relatively small warehouses are used to store and deliver products ‘just in time’ to the consumer or shop. The addressable market is thousands of freight forwarders. This product is in operation with freight forwarders in the Netherlands.

Key financials

Turnover: $3.7m

Adj. EBITDA: $129k

2023 Projected revenue: $10.1m

Location: On request

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