Project Morpheus: Investment Opportunity

Seeking an investment of £5m to launch the BONDS Protocol as an independent business. A 45 bed hospital in West Yorkshire.

INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY: Medical addiction services

The BONDS Clinic is seeking an investment of £5m to launch the BONDS Protocol as an independent business.

BONDS – Beaini Opiate Naltrexone Detoxification Services

A 45 bed hospital has been acquired in West Yorkshire, from there the business will be expanded nationally and internationally.

The BONDS Protocol has a plethora of advantages over other treatments. BONDS was created as a specialist opiate detoxification treatment, but it has been found to be equally effective at treating other addictions. Experience in treating 12,000 patients with an extremely high success rate has demonstrated that the BONDS Protocol is an effective medical alternative to conventional Methadone / Buprenorphine and “12 Step” treatments. Overwhelming advantages over conventional treatments:

  • BONDS treatment cost £4,500-£12,000 compared to a leading competitor £26,000-£47,000
  • BONDS treatment time 7-14 days rather than a long drawn out process that can last indefinitely
    Patient comfort, the patient sleeps through detox, the patient feels no pain and wakes up clean
  • BONDS success rates = 98% completion of detox to abstinence (1-2 weeks). Abstinence at 1 year = 67% – Compared to a typical private in-patient detox: ~50% completion over 4 weeks or more. – Compared to outcomes across 33 alternative drugs services: ~9% abstinent at 8 months

Compared to typical out-patient NHS care: yearly abstinence rates are 2-5%. The BONDS Clinic will be based at Stoney Ridge Hospital in West Yorkshire that has recently been acquired on behalf of BONDS. Early expansion into the USA is anticipated due to high demand for these services.

The founders are seeking a suitable investor to finance the launch of this service with an investment of ₤5m.

Key financials

Investment opportunity: Medical addiction treatment protocol - Seeking investment of £5m

Location: West Yorkshire

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