Corporate Social Responsibility

At Opus, we look to integrate social and environmental concerns into our business operations and how we interact with all of our stakeholders.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Confidential Waste Destruction and Recycling

Opus operates a secure confidential waste destruction and environmental policy with a leading data destruction and environmentally conscious company. The company we use is ISO Certified, has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and EN15713 and uses cross cut shredding technology so that information cannot be reproduced or recreated and all material is destroyed; documents are never sorted before shredding.

A secure EN 15713 accredited chain-of-custody from collection to the time of destruction is followed and a Certificate of Destruction is produced as auditable proof of compliance with data protection legislation and best practices.

The secure shredding and recycling process provides a secure chain of custody to enable Opus to fulfil our environmental duty of care obligations to reduce our carbon footprint. Every year we are provided with a Certificate of Environmental Accomplishment, which shows the number of trees saved by using their services.


Virtual Cabinet ā€“ Document Filing Software

Virtual Cabinet (ā€œVCā€) is the Electronic Filing system adopted throughout all our offices. All incoming documents are scanned and stored on the document management system. Where the original is no longer required they are destroyed and recycled in accordance with our secure confidential waste destruction and environmental policy.

All documents are filed electronically and are accessible by all relevant parties within Opus. This reduces the need for retaining, circulating and printing off hard copy documents and emails thereby reducing physical filing and storage space helping us to maintain our policy of our environmental duty of care.

All electronic files are diarised to be deleted at the appropriate time and in accordance with statutory obligations.