Financial Advisory Support

We can provide your business with a number of financial advisory support roles so you can overcome financial difficulties and get back on track.

Financial Advisory Support

Our experienced, nationwide team of experts are on hand to support your business at every stage.

We can provide your business with a number of advisory support roles so you can overcome financial difficulties and get back on track.

Our advisory support includes:

Independent Business Review (IBR)

You may have been informed by your lender, creditor, or other stakeholder that they want you to engage an Advisor to undertake an IBR of your business. We will guide you through this process and produce the IBR report whilst helping you manage relationships with your key stakeholders. Our experts have extensive experience working with lenders and borrowers in these situations.

Independent Business Review defence (IBR defence)

Your lender may have informed you that following a breach of your business’ loan covenants they intend to engage external advisors to undertake an IBR of your business. This can be an uncertain time for you if this is a non-consensual action by your lenders. In this scenario, we can project manage your engagement with your lender and his advisors to free you up to continue to run your business.

Pre-lend Review

You may be seeking to raise capital for your business either via debt or equity. In this scenario, the prospective capital provider will sometimes require an independent pre-lend review of your business focused on your business’s ability to service debt and meet specific loan covenants. Our experts have extensive experience preparing lender user-friendly reports that assist lenders in assessing the suitability of businesses as borrowers of lenders’ products.

Options analysis

Where you are an owner whose business is facing uncertainty or has deviated from plan, or you are a lender exposed to a borrower that has defaulted, our experts are well versed in helping you to analyse andunderstand your options to maximise any available value.

Stakeholder management

Our experts have significant experience assisting companies in managing their relationships with key stakeholders (e.g., lender, HMRC, largest customer or supplier, etc.), where this has become strained. We will work with you to prepare a stakeholder management plan and devise appropriate strategies to help build trust and find opportunities for goal congruence with key stakeholders.

Lender negotiations

A lender may have taken the decision to withdraw finance from your business or have changed their terms for future lending. We will support you in your negotiations with your lender by helping you prepare an appropriate, timely and accurate information platform that helps repair or build trust with your lender to ensure that any final decisions by your lender are based on a clear understanding of your business’s current position and prospects.

Confidentiality is key

Getting independent advice from a trusted advisor is worthwhile no matter the stage of your business. We understand how vital confidentiality is in these situations, and we always assure discretion in our services as our advisory roles are not public.

Engaging with Opus

Whilst we will require a letter of engagement to work with your business, this is not the same as initiating an insolvency process. Decisions on your business remain with you, and if, in time, you decide to wind down your company, we can guide you through the process from start to finish.

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Combining professionalism with a personal approach

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