Corporate Intelligence

Our team of investigations experts have a wealth of experience in financial investigation, forensic accounting and source investigations. All our work is conducted in accordance with the highest ethical and legal standards applicable within the jurisdictions in which we operate.

Corporate Intelligence

Opus Pear Tree’s diverse industry and market experience, combined with our global network, enables us to gather information for clients seeking to make financial, litigious and/or personal decisions about future initiatives, such as a merger or acquisition, deciding whether to pursue a director for misfeasance, or identify, locate and freeze assets in complex contractual or matrimonial disputes.

Market entry/acquisition due diligence

In conjunction with our Independent Business Review service, we can provide in-depth analysis of the industry and market, identify the competitive landscape, potential partners/suppliers, and gather insight on or conduct ethics and forensic audits into relevant parties.

Background intelligence on a person or persons of interest

Our team can help identify an asset portfolio including properties, luxury cars, jets, yachts; the business and personal relationships and associations of the individuals, and provide a character profile.

Case examples of our work

Assignment 1: Coordinated efforts with corporate intel and financial investigators

A corporation had received rumours of alleged kickbacks being received by the CEO of a subsidiary. It required the combined effort of financial investigators and corporate intelligence to highlight likely sources of the kickbacks for the financial investigator’s team to interrogate. The financial investigators identified a plethora of offences committed by the CEO and highlighted several suppliers which were the probable sources of unexplained wealth. The CEO’s employment was terminated immediately and a remediation process implemented to prevent further offences.

Assignment 2: Russian corporate hostile takeover

A Russian oligarch required an investigation into a pattern of unusual share acquisitions by offshore, holding companies. The investigation required accessing financial records in offshore jurisdictions, source inquiries, and revealed the share acquisition was an attempted hostile takeover bid by a competitor. The client was able to successfully defend the acquisition.

Advice on corporate intelligence

Opus has carried out investigations for clients to support financial, litigious and/or personal decisions about future initiatives. If you would like to speak to Opus about our corporate intelligence services, please contact our Partner, Nicholas Parton.

Technical forensic accounting advice and assistance

“I am very pleased to recommend  Nicholas Parton, head of forensic accounting at Opus to anyone who is looking for an excellent forensic accountant. I am a practicing litigation solicitor for over 30 years. I have instructed Nicholas for a number of years. His expertise has produced what I required every time. Nicholas provides me with  technical advice and assistance in a timely and cost effective way. He places great emphasis on wanting to understand the client, their needs and expectations, as well as mine as instructing solicitor. His approachable manner makes him my “go to “ forensic accountant.”