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An information hub for business owners and directors. Containing free articles and advice on issues relevant to the current economic climate. We're here to help.

Business Resilience Hub

During times of financial and operational challenges, business owners may require additional and responsive support from professionals that understand the exact needs of their business. To help business owners who are looking to access up-to-date information, we have created a Business Resilience Hub. Here, Directors and Shareholders of SMEs can access relevant articles to help build awareness, mitigate business challenges, and help their business through a crisis.

Opus Business Rescue Specialists is a division of the Opus Group that is focused on supporting business owners through any challenges that may occur, no matter the stage of the business lifecycle. As well as our articles below, you can click on the logo to visit our dedicated Business Rescue website, which provides information on common problems Directors face and typical resolutions that can be used.

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Within the Opus Group, our specialist divisions are ideally positioned to help businesses navigate their way through any challenge. Our support and resources help businesses when considering how to mitigate, prepare, respond and recover; pre, mid and post crisis, helping you to remain resilient throughout.

Business Insight Articles

Closing your company: Strike off versus Voluntary Liquidation

For businesses facing Winding Up Petitions issued against them for HMRC debt, a Bounce Back Loan, or any other debts it cannot settle, what options are available? Can business owners opt for Creditor Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) or voluntarily strike off their company? And what is the difference between these options?

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5 APRIL 2022: Heading for the exit from your business? Polishing the family silver.

The last two years have been the toughest most entrepreneurs have experienced. It is little wonder then that business owners are considering if this is the time to explore selling their business or seeking a merger. Here, we outline what a business owner needs to address when preparing their business for sale.

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Will Capital Gains Tax change in the Budget?

11 MARCH 2022: As this year’s Budget approaches, and Capital Gains Tax is likely to be on the Chancellor's agenda, now is the right time to consider if an Member's Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) could be the right route to close your business and preserve more of its value for shareholders.

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The creditors are coming but are you ready?

3 MARCH 2022: The pandemic has seen businesses given unprecedented protection from their creditors, with the prohibition of Winding Up Petitions and all forms of debt enforcement by commercial landlords throughout most of the crisis. But, now these protections have finished, creditors are using all tools at their disposal to chase down outstanding debts. Here, we outline what businesses need to do when faced with this pressure.

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Business investment for a brighter future

18 FEBRUARY 2022: We all know that unless you continue to evolve and grow, your business will stagnate and you will be overtaken by braver, more nimble competitors who will steal your market share, savage your profit margins and seduce away your best people. Whilst business investment in the UK has fallen away badly during the pandemic, we look at the benefits to investing back in business in 2022.

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What to look for in an Insolvency Practitioner

4 FEBRUARY 2022: Business rescue experts and insolvency practitioners (IPs) come in all shapes and sorts. When you need additional support to help you through the business challenges, it is very definitely not a case of one size fits all. You need the right adviser for your business, not just any IP. Here are some pointers on finding the right Insolvency Practitioner for your business.

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Concerned about Bounce Back Loan repayment and Furlough fraud?

28 JANUARY 2022: Many business owners were relieved and grateful to receive a lifeline for their business from the Government’s Coronavirus business support schemes. But what are the implications and options for businesses now struggling to pay back these loans as they come due?

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Avoiding Disqualification as a Director

20 DECEMBER 2021: One of the great fears that can keep struggling entrepreneurs awake in the small hours is being Disqualified as a Company Director and all the consequences that flow from this happening. Here, we highlight the pitfalls to avoid and how best to deal with the prospect of being disqualified.

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