Personal Insolvency Options

If you are looking for regulated personal insolvency experts, we have specialists available at Opus. However, there are also links below for free and impartial debt counselling services such as MONEY HELPER. Whilst the initial consultation is free, we are a profit making organisation and as such, if we believe we can assist a fee will be payable (which will be quoted for approval before any payable work commences).

Personal Insolvency Options

Personal debt solutions for individuals

The best solution to address your needs will depend on your personal circumstances. Your priority should be to get expert advice as soon as possible when you realise you are experiencing financial difficulties. The faster you get help, the more options will be available to find a workable solution to relieve your stress and restore your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Debt advice

You can find information on all options for resolving debts in England and Wales from the Insolvency Service. For debtors in Scotland, assistance in finding debt solutions can be accessed here.

Debt counselling services: Money Helper

Free and impartial debt counselling services are available from Money Helper.

Money Helper Website

Occasionally, where appropriate, we will refer clients to other agencies such as Citizens Advice Bureau or debt advisory charities. These other sources of advice may be paid by creditors, especially banks to help debtors deal with their financial difficulties. We do not receive any payment for these referrals.

Regulated personal insolvency experts

If you are looking for regulated personal insolvency experts, we have specialists available at Opus to talk to you about your financial issues once you contact us for advice. The initial discussion will be free of charge.

The main courses of action open to you are:

Opus offers services in connection with each of these procedures.

There are also bespoke debt management plans available, which can be designed to reflect your personal circumstances, living arrangements, family status, assets and so on.

We will always discuss the full range of options open to each individual in the context of their personal circumstances, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure.

Opus is a commercial, for-profit organisation. After any initial free-of-charge consultation, the services provided by Opus are offered in return for payment as described in the details of each debt solution procedure.

Fees and key information

We only charge a fee if you opt for one of the debt solutions we offer. Fees will depend on which debt solution we provide and what your personal circumstances are. All fees will be discussed prior to commencement of any service or debt repayment plan. Click here to read our fees and key info.


We hope that you will be satisfied with the service that we provide, but we recognise that there may be occasions where you will not be satisfied with the way in which the matter has been dealt with. In those circumstances please refer to our Complaints Procedure.