The debate: What is the biggest challenge facing companies now?

The debate: What is the biggest challenge facing companies now?

September 7, 2014


A panel of experts debate the biggest challenges that companies are currently facing.

Viable, successful businesses right across the UK economy are being undermined by a zombie army of the corporate walking dead. Over 200,000 companies with combined negative equity of more than £70billion are distorting competition, desperately pursuing business at any price and paying no heed to the consequences as they scramble to generate cash to keep creditors at bay.

Unlike in past recessions, the relentless fall in formal insolvencies and a slack restructuring market confirm that, this time round, there has been no cathartic clearing of the commercial forest to encourage the regrowth of healthier businesses.

The reluctance of stakeholders to crystalise losses and the record period of ultra-low interest rates are to blame. But with an uptick in the interest regime, we risk seeing an unprecedented surge in business failures push credit losses through the roof and cause significant business interruption as the integrity of supply chains is threatened.

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