Trev Jumps for Puzzle Centre

Trev Jumps for Puzzle Centre

June 4, 2019

Background story – Trev’s charity skydive

On a mad day around Christmas after two many glasses of red, a friend of mine mentioned that he had been bought a 50th birthday present by his wife, which involved jumping out of  plane and skydiving back down to earth (there is another sub text story in there somewhere!).

In my merry state, as it was something I had never done, I said that I wouldn’t mind having a go. I said I wanted to do something this year, 2019, for Puzzle Centre, Opus’s nominated charity and this challenge sounded like a good idea. Unfortunately my friend decided to take my comments literally, so signed me up!

I now find the date of the jump is fast approaching – The scheduled jump is on Saturday 4 May in Salisbury and it involves a 12,000 foot decent, part free fall, strapped to someone else, who hopefully knows what they are doing.

My wedding anniversary is actually the day before, on 3 May, so it would seem that both my wife and my mates wife, have had their wishes granted!

About our nominated charity – Puzzle Centre

Whilst autism is widely recognised in the UK and children are supported at school, there is a support and development gap for pre-school children and their families. There are only a couple of centres throughout the UK that are available to help pre-school children and their families, Puzzle Centre in Middle Claydon in Buckinghamshire being one of them.

The charity promotes and delivers early intervention for young children with autism or communication difficulties and provides training and outreach to families and practitioners throughout the UK.

The centre develops, delivers and disseminates high-quality early intervention and specialist education, therapy and support. Their three main services include a specialist nursery for children aged 2-5 years; a home-based outreach assessment and support service for children up to 11 years of age; and a range of training courses and information events for parents and practitioners.

The charity is currently saving to expand its nursery facilities to be able to help more children. They have a way to go but this is what I would like to help make happen.

Here is a video about Puzzle Centre –

Trev completed his skydive

Trev completed his skydive in May and raised £1,920 for Puzzle Centre.

Click on the image to see his sky dive video.