Business Growth

A growth plan is vital to turn your business ideas into achievable goals and more importantly, sustained success. The plan covers everything from funding and skills to marketing and sales forecasting.

Business Growth

Helping business growth

Developing and implementing an effective Growth Plan is a major undertaking for any business.  Not least when you still have to worry about the day job.

The support starts with an initial meeting, either on or off site. This is where we explore how and when this might all come together.  Most importantly we would both start to gain a better understanding of each party’s respective ways of working and how we would work together.

Business growth – the process

Once engaged we will go through a process with the senior team and work closely with them to develop these plans.  We work on a facilitative basis and seek to crystallise and then evaluate many of the team’s existing thoughts and ideas for the optimal route forward.  We will then work with you to encourage and generate new ideas that further define and enhance the attractiveness of the Company’s proposition and increase its competitive advantage.

This is all with a view of developing a model that produces increased profitability over both the medium and longer term and creates significantly increased shareholder value.

It’s important to note that whilst there are broad guidelines that we follow, this process is NOT prescriptive as of course no two businesses are the same.  Each company will have developed its own individual ways of working and its own unique culture.

Defining the business Purpose

It’s critical to the process that you have a clearly defined Purpose for your business.

It is our experience that getting this right goes a very long way towards forging the plan for growth.

This clarification of exactly what the business does is invaluable. Not only to the external stakeholders such as customers, suppliers and funders, but also and equally importantly, internally. This is where it works to galvanise the organisation and pinpoint the way in which the whole team works together towards a common goal.

This is incredibly liberating and works to create significant levels of satisfaction and motivation throughout the team.

A clear and concise Purpose enables great leadership.

In addition, and equally importantly, it identifies what you don’t do.

So many organisations get ‘caught in the middle’ and finish up doing lots of work around the edges of their core offering.  This is very often less profitable work and significantly blurs the company’s messaging, not only to potential customers but also to the workforce.

Advice on business growth

The Opus team have significant experience in successfully creating and putting into practice effective Growth Strategies for a wide range of SME businesses.  This is both on behalf of clients and on their own account. Our Partner, John Thompson, has successfully developed and sold two of his own businesses. As well as his knowledge and experience of the process from the practices, he also appreciates the journey for the owner managers of the company.

If you would like to explore your ideas with a business growth specialist, contact our team today so we can identify how we can best support your business and make this happen.

Transforming to respected market leader

“There are many who could claim some level of expertise in top line or bottom line growth, but only a few understand the much more powerful concept of value creation. John Thompson is one of those; using his commercial vision and experience, he helped Factoring UK Ltd to recognise, secure and ultimately, crystallise its true value – transforming it from a successful business to respected market leader”