Restructuring & Insolvency

Case Study

CASE STUDY IT Specialist – How persistence paid off in a CVA

With problems on a major contract that would cause heavy losses, additional investment was required to finish it to avoid even more significant penalties for non-delivery of the project. Opus guided the Directors through a restructuring exercise and the approval of a CVA.

PARTNER CASE STUDY Foreign Exchange Risk Management

IIFX delivers bespoke credit facilities to support hedging. It’s end-to-end solutions have been delivering convenience, value and flexibility for more than 13 years. Focused on results-driven performance, IIFX assist with FX risk management and payment support through deep understanding of each clients’ specific business needs.

CASE STUDY Road Haulage – Better insolvency outcome

With small trading losses eroding the balance sheet, this road haulage business was under immediate threat from unpaid tax bills. Opus worked with the owners to manage the expectations of HMRC, funders and suppliers whilst using its restructuring and M&A expertise to achieve a better outcome.

CASE STUDY Cryptocurrency – Cubits exchange insolvency

Cubits used PaySec to overcome the payment restrictions in place in China. PaySec was responsible for the cash settlement of BTC purchased by Cubits’ Chinese customers. The accounts of three Chinese customers were allegedly hacked.

CASE STUDY Manufacturing – Failure of integration creating cash flow issues

Losses were encountered, sales were lower than anticipated coupled with greater than forecast direct costs due to delays encountered in integrating the businesses and achieving the growth needed.

CASE STUDY Construction – Cash flow challenges

Due to greater than expected groundwork costs the developer had run out of working capital. The units were structurally complete but required internal finishing. The primary lender was faced with little option than enforcement action.

CASE STUDY Property – Funding and Project Management

Opus Restructuring was able to add significant value to a £4m high specification 6 unit residential development project which faced cash flow problems, and on which all work on site had stopped.

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