Restructuring & Insolvency

Case Study

CASE STUDY Third Sector – advising the trustees on the financial position of the performing arts centre in Birmingham

Advising the trustees on the financial position of performing arts centre as a result of income not rising in line with expenditure.

CASE STUDY Third Sector – Lack of income for theatre in Hertfordshire

Closing theatre charity due to lack of income – we were asked to assist with placing the Trust into Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation.

CASE STUDY Third Sector – Solvent liquidation for mental health charity in Essex

A controlled closing of a mental health charity based in Essex, to ensure the least disruption for the service users.

CASE STUDY Third Sector – Operational and financial difficulties for domestic abuse charity in London

Operational and financial difficulties for domestic abuse charity which resulted in them having to cease trading.

CASE STUDY Third Sector – Cashflow issues and solvency concerns for school in South East

A small independent preparatory school was struggling with falling numbers on roll, solvency and cashflow issues.

CASE STUDY Third Sector – Restructuring and insolvency advice for historic charity in London

Restructuring and insolvency advice for historic charity with a view to avoiding liquidation proceedings.

CASE STUDY Third Sector – Interim Manager for Community Centre in Bristol

Interim Manager to the community centre to secure and manage the premise whilst agreeing the sales terms.

CASE STUDY Third Sector – Insolvency advice for Academic Charity in the Middle East

Academic charity looking to secure additional funding to preserve historical artefacts in a region experiencing the turmoil of war in Middle East.

CASE STUDY Third Sector – Forced suspension during COVID for Community Centre, London

Operational and funding challenges as a result of COVID for community centre. This led to the winding-down of the London based organisation.

CASE STUDY Third Sector – Funding challenges for Care Centre, West Midlands

Care centre with funding challenges – securing the safe transfer of all the vulnerable clients before the winding-down.

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