Strategic Advisory Services

Managing a company in a continually evolving environment is challenging with changes in the business environment are happening ever faster. Customer needs, advances in technology, compliance and employee expectations have all combined to make the running of businesses increasingly demanding for the owner manager. It seems that for many organisations any form of growth has become a bonus.

These increasing demands on time, are making it more and more difficult for the drivers of these organisations to find any time to step back, take a strategic view and develop plans for growth; let alone implement any such plans. In addition, it seems that more and more businesses’ growth plans are being held back as a result of ever increasing costs, staff issues, extended payment terms/bad debts, poor cash flow and unsympathetic lenders.

It can often feel a lonely path. It is our experience that an external resource can often be of great benefit in this respect, even if it is simply to act as a sounding board for well-developed thoughts and ideas.

Helping business owner managers

At Opus, we work with business owners and Directors to help:

  • Improve the performance of their business
  • Create strong foundations ready for growth
  • Deliver significant change to address business pressures

Very often our work is a combination of each of these areas. Initially working with the incumbent team to overcome any issues that are holding them back. Then, quickly moving to assist in the development of a plan to achieve profitable and sustainable growth. From the outset of our involvement we will seek to ensure that the business has access to appropriate levels of both debt and equity finance.

The team at Opus Business Advisory & Turnaround has extensive experience in fulfilling these types of roles. The services can be broken down into 3 key areas.

Our Services

Implementing a successful turnaround strategy is one of the most important things you will ever have to do with your business. Financing the business plan is another issue all of its own and it needs to be in place from the start.

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A growth plan is vital to turn your business ideas into achievable goals and more importantly, sustained success. The plan covers everything from funding and skills to marketing and sales forecasting.

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To transform a loss making company into a profit making one involves two key stages - stabilisation and then implementation.

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Business coach for company growth

“I have known and worked with John Thompson for many years and he has proved to be an excellent Business Coach, both to myself and other senior executives over the past eight years. During his first period of involvement with our business, Profit Before Tax rose from £13 million in 2006 to £42 million in 2011. He has played a key role in the significant growth of our company during this period and I would be happy to recommend him and his team”