Selling a Business

A boutique corporate finance practice with a focus on brokering business deals at competitive rates. Our personal approach and tailored services are instrumental in the successfully completion of each clients business sale.

Selling a Business

Connecting you with the right buyers for your business

Through concentrating our efforts on larger, more established businesses (turnover of £1m+), we can dedicate the right level of support and resources to individual clients and ensure the sales process runs as smoothy as possible. We are a boutique corporate finance practice with a focus on brokering business deals at competitive rates. Our personal approach means that we are here to provide all the support a business owner will need to successfully complete their transaction.

We believe in delivering our services with a hands-on approach. We are at the side of our clients throughout the sales process. All business sales are led by a senior partner who has the skills and experience required to complete a business sale on the best possible terms.

Supporting you through the sale of your business

We are focused on adding value to our clients and delivering a service that streamlines the sales process; making it hassle free and achieving the best outcomes. We focus on delivering:

  1. Maximum value
    Our business sales expertise and experience combined with our proficiency for engaging with potential buyers of all types allows us to attract and manage offers. This is key to finding the right buyer for your business. Our established business sale process will help to sell your business for maximum value.
  2. Experience
    The entire sales process is handled by a senior partner who is readily available to provide guidance and support throughout the business sale. We comprehensively manage every step of the transaction, including attending every meeting and working on a personable basis with all parties involved.
  3. The right buyers
    We use a discreet multi-channel approach to identify and confidentially contact potential buyers. Our marketing process is entirely proactive and makes use of our wide network of connections including our international buyer network.
  4. Transparency on pricing
    Our fees are simple, competitive, fair and transparent. Fees are based upon a successful completion of the work we carry out. We never charge large upfront engagement fees.
  5. Clear terms
    Our terms of business are deliberately simplified to one single side of A4 so that you can be confident of your commitment and that you receive the standard of service necessary to complete a complex business sale.
  6. A complete end-to-end service
    We are committed to providing a comprehensive, fully advised and tailored end-to-end service that satisfies every single business sale. Whether your turnover is £1m or £20m we are dedicated to successfully completing the sale of your business on the best possible terms.

Advice on selling your business

If you would like to speak to one of our Partners about selling your business including the potential value of your business, the preparation for sale and the sales process, please contact us on 01908 087 220 or email us at .

Managing the sale of Alderwood LLA to the Care Management Group

“Thank you so much Barry and Ross for your excellent work. I have so enjoyed working with you and have learned so much during this process. I can’t thank you enough for the level of commitment you both have demonstrated in brining this sale to completion. I know there are times you both have had to work long and hard and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”