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Late payments – a challenge for strong and weak businesses alike

Late payments, especially by large businesses delaying settlements to smaller ones, have been a bone of commercial contention for decades. Beyond the devastation it causes […]

The insolvency priority waterfall

What happens to the funds raised by Insolvency Practitioners (IPs) after they are appointed as Administrators or Liquidators? This is a mystery to almost everyone […]

March insolvency stats: Worrying increase in business closures

Shocking corporate insolvency figures for March just published by the Insolvency Service have revealed the magnitude of the problems faced by businesses up and down […]

Is this a time for brave entrepreneurs to expand their business?

The economic news might not be as gloomy as a few months ago, but the UK’s GDP is flatlining and the IMF is predicting we […]

A small business take on Next’s lower profit forecast

April 11, 2023

The recent news that one of the UK’s best run and most respected businesses predicts that its sales and profits will fall back in 2023 […]

The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill

Having successfully navigated its way through the Commons, The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill is now passing through the Committee stage in the House […]

Why shareholders come behind creditors in the insolvency queue

Fortunately, few people have any direct experience of a company failure. When they do, the priority ‘waterfall’ for distribution of what’s left in the pot […]

Devaluation in a formal insolvency – the impact of costs

So far in our series on what a formal insolvency does to a previously solvent balance sheet and how it impacts stakeholder recoveries, we have […]

The best way forward when struggling to repay a Bounce Back Loan

When the government launched its business support loan schemes early in the pandemic, there was widespread praise for the initiative. The speed of roll out, […]

How business liabilities can balloon during insolvency

Following our first three articles on business devaluation during insolvency, we now turn our attention to the liabilities in the balance sheet. What is often […]