Buying a Business

Business acquisition services that support the end-to-end transaction process for our clients. A senior partner will represent and protect your interests at every stage to ensure the deal is completed within your timescale and under the best possible terms.

Buying a Business

Our comprehensive business acquisition service supports the entire transaction process

Opus Hyde House works closely with our clients to create and research a profile of the type of business that is sought for acquisition. Appropriate targets are identified through detailed research and confidential approaches are made to start initial discussions even if the target is not ‘on the market’.

We manage the entire process. including making the initial offer and negotiating subsequent counter offers, agreeing the deal terms and managing the due diligence process. We provide support at every step of the acquisition to ensure your transaction is successful.

Step 1: Identifying businesses for acquisition

We take the time to understand your criteria. Our bespoke search and find service enables us to access both UK and international businesses. All potential ‘targets’ are meticulously qualified and approached confidentially.

Our international reach includes vendors via deal makers, private equity and venture capital firms as well as lawyers and accountants. Our wider connections allow us to access business intelligence and visibility of companies for sale that have yet to be advertised on the open market.

Step 2: Professional confidential marketing

We act as your confidential intermediary in the acquisition process so that your interests remain confidential. You may be seeking to acquire a competitor who will of course be very nervous about sharing business information. We are able to ‘unlock’ the route to a successful transaction through third party and sensitive negotiation; avoiding any conflict of agenda or personality.

Step 3: Boutique M&A advisory services

Through our end-to-end acquisition services, we provide expert guidance and assistance throughout all negotiations, heads of terms and the complex legal and due diligence processes. We also assist in the post acquisition integration and business strategy to help you ensure your acquisition is a success.

Step 4: Raising acquisition finance

Through our Group and own long-standing connections, we can help you secure a finance package to support the purchase of a company. Financial funding routes include asset based funding, private equity and invoice discounting & factoring.

Step 5: Completing the deal

A senior partner will represent and protect your interests at every meeting and lead all negotiations to ensure the deal is completed within your timescale and under the best possible terms.

Advice on buying a business

If you would like to speak to one of our Partners about buying a business and the type of business you are interested in, please contact us on 01908 087 220 or email us at

Businesses for Sale

ACQUISITION OPPORTUNITY: ASD care home & school for young people

An opportunity to acquire an independent school and children’s home.

Turnover: £1.1m

2021 FC turnover: c£1.3m

Net assets : £1.1m

Location: Sussex

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ACQUISITION OPPORTUNITY: Manufacturer architectural door hardware

An opportunity to acquire a specialist manufacturer and supplier of architectural door hardware.

Turnover: £7.2m

Gross Profit: £3.5m

EBITDA: £1.1m

Location: On request

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INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY: Medical addiction services

Seeking an investment of £5m to launch the BONDS Protocol as an independent business. A 45 bed hospital in West Yorkshire.

Investment opportunity: Medical addiction treatment protocol - Seeking investment of £5m

Location: West Yorkshire

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An opportunity to acquire a profitable logistics services company.

Turnover 2018: £1.6m

2018 GP: £264k

2018 Adj. EBITDA: £173k

Location: On request

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ACQUISITION OPPORTUNITY: Warehouse and storage equipment

An opportunity to acquire a long established and growing design and installation company supplying large scale warehouse and storage equipment internationally.

Turnover: £1.6m

Gross profit: £345k

Net profit: £75k

Location: On request

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ACQUISITION OPPORTUNITY: Supply & Installation Industrial Doors

Project Portal specialises in a variety of industrial doors systems, providing design/specification, supply and installation together with planned and on-call emergency maintenance.

Turnover 2017: £2,304,064

Gross profit 2017: £1,405,664

Adj. EBITDA 2017: £299,656

Location: On request

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An exciting opportunity for lighting design and / or manufacturers to acquire the PCB production capabilities of a specialist LED lighting business.

The business assets are offered for sale: Offers invited in excess of £775k

Location: Buckinghamshire

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ACQUISITION OPPORTUNITY: Industrial & commercial training courses

An opportunity to acquire a rapidly growing and extremely profitable accredited provider of apprenticeships, learner loans and commercial training.

2018 F/C turnover: c£7.5m

2018 F/C operating profit: c£2m

2018 F/C turnover: c£7.5m

Location: East Midlands

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ACQUISITION OPPORTUNITY: National Crane Hire Business

An opportunity to acquire a highly profitable and rapidly growing crane hire business with a fleet of c40 cranes across several classes.

Turnover 2018: c£8.3m

2018 Operating profit: £918,804

2018 Adj. EBITDA: c£2.3m

Location: Home Counties

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ACQUISITION OPPORTUNITY: Industrial cloud software

Innovative cloud based business software solutions and application services with a strong maintenance revenue stream.

Turnover: $3.7m

Adj. EBITDA: $129k

2023 Projected revenue: $10.1m

Location: On request

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Large Format Printing

An opportunity to acquire a manufacturer, supplier and installer of specialist large format print and signage solutions.

Turnover 2018: £1.94m

Gross profit 2018: £0.7m

Adj. ABITDA 2018: c£0.4m

Location: On request

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Securing the sale of Arden Wood Shavings to industry giant Veolia

“Mr Standford was keen to highlight and praise the role of Barry and Ross who negotiated and managed the sale to Veolia. It is clear that without their expert advice and knowledge of the process we would not have been able to complete this complex sale. They were quick to identify the key issues that had to be resolved and worked tirelessly through the entire process to ensure the successful outcome for my wife and I and for the buyer”