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UK manufacturing sector facing major challenges

Manufacturing was once the bedrock of the economy and the source of the UK’s rise to economic superpower status in the 18th and  19th centuries. […]

May 2024 economic and business overview

The UK economy appears to be on a slow upward trajectory in 2024 after a rocky start and on the back of a tough business […]

Present and future workforce challenges for UK manufacturers

Near the top of the list of worries that keep many manufacturing bosses awake at night is hiring and retaining the right talent for an […]

Artificial intelligence – friend of foe for manufacturers?

The manufacturing sector has more experience of significant non-human involvement in its research, operations and administration than almost any other after decades using data analysis, […]

The impact of Brexit on the UK manufacturing sector

January 16, 2024

The vitriolic aggression associated for so long with the UK’s decision to leave the European Union has largely dissipated.  There is now a continuing and […]