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What does a new Labour government mean for business?

July 18, 2024

Thursday, July 4, 2024, was not just another Independence Day for the US; it marked the end of one political era and the beginning of […]

July 2024 economic and business overview

More mixed news on the economy amid the chaos of the election campaign As during any election campaign, it’s usually best to avoid all media […]

How are the latest business rates & minimum wage rises affecting the hospitality sector?

The embattled hospitality sector has another front to fight on. This week has seen media headlines about pub closures rapidly increasing by 51% in Q1 […]

Staffing issues still holding back UK hospitality

The UK hospitality industry faces many challenges, not least its steadily deteriorating finances as detailed in our recent sector report. Among the most intractable are […]

June 2024 economic and business overview

Economic signals are still mixed but positive overall With the release of many more positive economic announcements in recent weeks, has the UK economy finally […]

Inventory issues in the retail sector

Getting inventory levels wrong can easily happen within the retail industry, but it can be very damaging. Too little inventory and stockouts mean lost revenue […]

UK retail in 2024: What differentiates the successes and failures?

For the overwhelming majority of retailers, the festive season is make or break. Christmas and New Year 2024 may have delivered surprisingly buoyant top-line revenues, […]

How will the struggling retail sector cope with major business rates and minimum wage rises?

The retail sector is crucial to the UK economy. It generates 6% of our GDP, receives a third of all consumer spending and employs 2.9m […]

UK manufacturing sector facing major challenges

Manufacturing was once the bedrock of the economy and the source of the UK’s rise to economic superpower status in the 18th and  19th centuries. […]

Service sector activity accelerates in April

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of the service sector to the modern UK economy. According to research by the House of Commons Library, it […]