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December economic and business overview

In this month’s business overview, we take a closer look at the Autumn Statement and consider its real impact on business investment It’s a well-worn […]

Hospitality sector debt levels are falling, but is it at the expense of business investment?

Our latest report into the finances and prospects of the hospitality sector published earlier this month showed that the industry’s borrowings had fallen by 18% […]

Why is the UK lagging behind when it comes to business investment?

Business investment, which accounts for about 13 per cent of the UK’s GDP, has lagged behind other developed economies for decades. It has been an […]

Is the UK falling out of love with business rescue culture?

When the corporate insolvency statistics for July 2023 were released by the Insolvency Service, all the focus by commentators was on the macro aspects of […]

Mixed signals on UK business borrowing and investment

The latest figures from UK Finance on business finance and from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) on investment have left pundits wondering where […]

Is this a time for brave entrepreneurs to expand their business?

The economic news might not be as gloomy as a few months ago, but the UK’s GDP is flatlining and the IMF is predicting we […]

Selling your business? Don’t forget to check out the buyer

The rallying call in many business transactions is ‘caveat emptor’, let the buyer beware, and most especially with M&A transactions where assets can be less […]

Can I sell my business after taking a hit from Covid-19?

January 26, 2021

What happens to business value? As a business owner you may be contemplating your future at a time when seismic changes are occurring within the […]

Aviation firm takes off with £2m funding

July 22, 2016

Precision Opus M&A has advised on the negotiation of £2m extra funding from Clydesdale Bank for West Sussex aviation company, Mel Aviation Components. Click here […]

Should you really sell your Business? BCL TV interview by Neil Ackroyd

July 18, 2016

Corporate Finance sell-side guru, Neil Ackroyd was interviewed on Business Connections Live TV’s about the motivation for an entrepreneur to sell their business. Should You Really […]