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Selling your business? Don’t forget to check out the buyer

The rallying call in many business transactions is ‘caveat emptor’, let the buyer beware, and most especially with M&A transactions where assets can be less […]

Can I sell my business after taking a hit from Covid-19?

January 26, 2021

What happens to business value? As a business owner you may be contemplating your future at a time when seismic changes are occurring within the […]

Aviation firm takes off with £2m funding

July 22, 2016

Precision Opus M&A has advised on the negotiation of £2m extra funding from Clydesdale Bank for West Sussex aviation company, Mel Aviation Components. Click here […]

Should you really sell your Business? BCL TV interview by Neil Ackroyd

July 18, 2016

Corporate Finance sell-side guru, Neil Ackroyd was interviewed on Business Connections Live TV’s about the motivation for an entrepreneur to sell their business. Should You Really […]